Welcome to the new Mutual site

Posted 12/8/2018 by Andrew Fairlie

Today we're launching our new website. I say 'new' website, I really mean our first website.

For the first two years of our agency's life, we've made do with a little splash screen whilst we've been beavering away for our clients.

It's very much been a case of the cobbler's children not wearing shoes.

After two years it got a bit embarrassing. So hello, welcome to the new Mutual site. We're proud of it, and think it represents our style and approach to a tee.

It was built in-house on Craft CMS, more sections (such as the all important portfolio) will launch shortly.

Now that we have a medium to do so, we'll be posting our Mutual Musings blog posts semi-regularly from here on out with agency updates, web tips, and Craft CMS guides.

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